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Services We Offer

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Mentoring Program Consultancy

Consultancy services are provided throughout the process from the design and implementation of a mentoring program suitable for the chemistry of the institutions to its successful completion. Within the scope of consultancy, the design of the project as classical, reverse or team mentoring, mentor and mentee orientation trainings, digital mentoring systems consultancy, structured supervision support and supportive trainings for mentors, and assessment and evaluation processes of the project are provided online, face-to-face or hybrid.

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Career Coaching

Personalized professional online or face-to-face coaching is provided in order to reach the target determined together with the client after the chemistry interview, such as "Career Discovery, Job Search and Interview Preparation, Career Transition, Professional Development, Career Performance and Entrepreneurship".

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Institutional Development Trainings

In line with the needs and demands of the institutions, online or face-to-face soft skill trainings are given as a closed group by expert trainers.

Some of our Soft Skill Trainings; 

  • In-house mentor development program

  • Adaptive Leadership in the World of VUCA from a Jazz Perspective

  • Key to Success in Business: Mind Maps

  • Mentoring Skills in the Digital World

  • Mentoring Projects Management

  • Personal Awareness with Coaching Philosophy

  • Basic Coaching Skills

  • Coaching Projects Management

  • Creative Leadership Development

  • In the Digital World 

  • Effective Presentation Skills

  • Creative Facilitation Techniques in the Digital World

  • Training of the Trainer in the Digital World

  •  Skill Oriented Education Design with UbD Model

  • Gamification in Creative Education

  • Agile Time Management in the Digital World

  • Financial Literacy

  • Intergenerational Communication Management

  • Well-being for Stress Management

  • Understanding Generation Z

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