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BANAY Academy

Discover the Formula of Development!

“To build a better world without improving individuals  you cannot imagine. To this end, each of us has our own  should work for our development and at the same time all  We must also share a general responsibility for humanity.” 

- Marie Curie 

Banu Aykin Koyluer

Professional Coach & Mentor & Trainer

After graduating from Boğaziçi University Chemistry Department in 1998, I started my career as a Quality Control analyst in the Pharmaceutical Industry. With the love of teaching and learning in me, I switched to the education sector and got my master's degree in Chemistry Teaching'03 from Istanbul University and then from SUNY (The State University of New York) Buffalo, Multidisciplinary Studies'17.


I established BANAY Academy in 2022 after working in Istanbul's leading private schools for many years, such as teaching, educational technologies coordinator and CIS Accreditation leader. As TurkishWIN Million Women Mentor Program Ambassador, I take active roles in projects that support women in the STEM field, and I received one of the most influential TurkishWIN member awards of 2022. I am also one of the "Gold Tier" facilitators of the #IamRemarkable movement, which enables women to express themselves with confidence in society.

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Our Competencies

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Who are we?

The beauty and miracle of the universe actually reflects each of us. Just like the stars twinkling in the night sky, every person carries within them a unique combination of elements waiting to be discovered. These qualities and abilities that we all have from birth with the elements, which are the basic building blocks of the universe, need to be transformed with the touch of an alchemist. This is how the story of BANAY Academy, which was founded as an initiative of Banu Aykın Köylüer, a former chemist, began.

Individuals and institutions discover their own stardust under the guidance of coaching, mentoring, consultancy services and trainings offered by Banay Academy by adapting to situational contexts. Clients who discover their potential through one-to-one meetings facilitated by digital tools and art learn to radiate their brilliance to reach their career goals.

Our services

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Mentoring Program Consultancy

Consultancy services are provided throughout the process from the design and implementation of a mentoring program suitable for the chemistry of the institutions to its successful completion.


Career Coaching

After the chemistry interview, personal professional online or face-to-face coaching is provided in order to reach the target determined together with the client.


Institutional Development Trainings

In line with the needs and demands of the institutions, online or face-to-face soft skill trainings are given as a closed group by expert trainers.

Our collaborations

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“Banu enriched my presentations on the concepts of Jazz and Leadership and her presentations on the same topics with very pleasant interactive group work, resulting in an educational program that is both informative and thought-provoking. Who knows what else we can do together.”

Tuncel Gulsoy, MCC Coach

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